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Credit/Debit Cards (except Amex) -VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, ...
Bank transfer ...

Skrill -

Not need of credit card!!! = Skrill:

Skrill ( is an agent of monetary transfers governed by the law of the United Kingdom.

Skrill allows to firms or to consumers, disposing an address email, to send and to accept in a reassured way and at lesser expense of the online payments real-time! And especially when you bring new registered students you touch commissions (30 % on xxx) not negligible!

Skrill gives a service sharpened made to order on the needs of the small firms, of online traders, of individuals and all those which are not satisfied with traditional mechanisms of payment. As total resolution of payment, we receive the customers of all nations of the Earth!

Paying summary and especially reception of winnings:
Skrill has a bank account directly in 30 countries and all other countries of the world can also benefit from Skrill services by using international transfer (swift). You pour the sum which you want cashless of your count or by remittance on count MB or by post with a newsletter of remittance or directly in the bank.


For your life online = NETELLER:

For your life online
Never shop with a credit card again. NETELLER offers you the security and convenience you need online.

Buy securely online
With one-time use card numbers, you won't have to risk your credit card anymore.

Instant cash withdrawals
Cash out money from your NETELLER account at Millions of locations.

Want to move your money? Buy securely at any store, pay at your favourite sites or send money to friends—a NETELLER account can do it all.

Free instant transfers to merchants
Make fast and secure payments to your favourite sites and get money in and out with popular deposit and withdrawal options.

Cash withdrawals and secure online shopping
Use Net+ cards to make ATM withdrawals and pay securely on and offline with the money in your NETELLER account.

NETELLER app for your online life
More than just a desktop application, the NETELLER app comes fully loaded with features and widgets, including a quick-view of your NETELLER balance and the Net+ virtual card which helps you securely spend your money online. With select news widgets, you’ll also get the latest gaming stories delivered right to your desktop. (Windows only)

Money Transfer
Send money securely to friends and family or whoever you want around the world.


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